Township – the best farm game on the phone. If you love farming and construction games, then Township is the best choice today. Attractive gameplay, beautiful images, many construction works, … An excellent online farming game.


Township is a game that perfectly combines farm and city life. We will experience the feeling of farming and raising livestock. Combined with the construction of a modern city worth living. Although not the only one, Township is the most successful name in this genre.

About farming: players can still experience all the features of the farm game. Such as: cultivating all kinds of seeds and different plants. Breeding many popular livestock and poultry such as chickens, pigs, cows, sheep. Agricultural products are used to process into food for life and livestock.

About building the city: We will build our own, design according to our liking. Reclamation to expand the area.

Machinery works: All kinds of modern machinery for life. Such as: feed product machine, bakery, fast food factory, textile factory, ice cream factory,…

Enough exciting experiences for all players around the world.

Gameplay Township


Most buildings are unlocked by the player’s level. The higher the level, the more new buildings appear.

All activities in the game will be accompanied by experience. Whether it’s livestock, farming, reclamation or construction.

Although it belongs to the farm game, Township has very limited arable land. The arable land will be limited by level, each new level will have two more free arable plots.

To build buildings only need gold. But after the construction is completed, it is necessary to have more materials such as bricks, glass, paint .. to complete.

These materials were obtained mainly through ship trade. On the trains are orders for players. After successful delivery, the ship will return the materials.

Various mini games. After a certain period of time, the minigame event events will all be changed. This is also a place to earn gold, materials and entertainment.

Daily quest: This is a place for players to earn more gold coins and materials.

Features & Experience


– Township is an online game. You will have to be connected to the internet during the game.

– Township featured with many ways to login and make friends. Many friends participating will make the game more interesting and attractive.

– This online farm game has time for each job. So there is no need to be online constantly, watch the time to speed up the development process.

– Pay attention to complete orders from trains: Because this is where many rare materials are received to serve the construction of works.

– Factories are also a stockpile. Instead of bringing it all back to the warehouse, leave it at the factory if you don’t produce it anymore.

– The minigames are diverse, constantly changing but not much support for the development of the farm.

– Make a construction plan for the whole farm so as not to be confused when looking for a certain building.


Township is really the best online farming game available today. Enough factors to develop the economy to become strong, from agriculture, industry, factories, amusement parks, city construction,… Especially, download Township for free for Android, iOS .

Rating 8/10


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