Turmoil sets itself apart in the simulation genre with its unique setting and gameplay mechanics that are both accessible to newcomers and challenging for seasoned gamers. The game’s charming graphics and historically inspired scenarios add depth and authenticity to your gaming experience, pulling you deeper into the oil tycoon’s journey. Whether you’re strategizing to find the best oil plots or engaging in the auction house to secure your next big venture, Turmoil provides a dynamic and rewarding gameplay experience that keeps you coming back for more. With its perfect balance of strategic depth, historical ambiance, and engaging content, Turmoil is an essential title for fans of simulation games looking to test their skills in the fascinating world of oil exploration and business strategy.


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Turmoil offers an engaging and accessible gameplay experience that draws players into the rush and excitement of the 19th-century oil boom.

At the heart of the game is the challenge of drilling for oil, managing resources, and outmaneuvering competitors in a race to become a successful oil baron. Players start with a basic plot of land, and through careful exploration and drilling, they must uncover and extract valuable oil resources.

The game cleverly simulates the unpredictability of oil drilling, with players needing to rely on dowsers, moles, and other tools to locate the richest oil deposits beneath the surface.

As players progress, they can reinvest their earnings into upgrading their equipment, hiring more skilled workers, and securing better land leases to expand their oil empire.

The dynamic market system in Turmoil plays a critical role, as players must decide the optimal time to sell their oil, watching market trends and fluctuating prices closely. Strategic selling can lead to significant profits, allowing for further expansion and upgrades.

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The game also introduces rival characters, each with their unique strategies and strengths, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay. Auctions for land plots add another layer of strategy, as players bid against each other and the AI for the most promising oil fields.

Turmoil’s gameplay is a balanced mix of strategy, timing, and resource management, making it appealing to both simulation veterans and newcomers to the genre.

The game’s progression system, where players can unlock new tools, skills, and upgrades, ensures a satisfying sense of development and achievement as they advance from a small-time oil driller to a wealthy oil tycoon.

With its intuitive mechanics, charming visual style, and engaging economic simulation, Turmoil provides a captivating and immersive experience for fans of simulation games.

Why we must play this game

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Turmoil captivates players with its unique blend of gameplay elements that stand out in the simulation genre. Here are five key points that make Turmoil particularly appealing:

  1. Engaging Economic Simulation: Turmoil offers a deep and engaging economic simulation that captures the essence of the oil boom era. Players must navigate market fluctuations, sell oil at optimal times, and manage their finances to grow their business. This economic aspect adds a layer of realism and strategy, appealing to players who enjoy the challenge of balancing risk and reward.
  2. Historical Setting: Set during the 19th-century oil rush, Turmoil provides a unique historical context that enriches the gaming experience. The game’s thematic backdrop, combined with its visually appealing art style, draws players into the period’s atmosphere, making it not just a game about oil drilling but also a journey back in time.
  3. Progression and Upgrades: The game’s progression system allows players to continually improve their operations by investing in better equipment, hiring more skilled workers, and acquiring valuable upgrades. This sense of growth and expansion is a significant draw, as players can see the tangible results of their strategies and decisions reflected in their evolving oil empire.
  4. Competitive Gameplay: Turmoil introduces competition not just through its market system but also by pitting players against AI rivals with distinct personalities and strategies. The addition of land auctions and the race to secure the best drilling sites add a competitive edge to the game, making each playthrough dynamic and engaging.
  5. Accessibility Combined with Depth: Turmoil is designed to be accessible to newcomers to the simulation genre while still offering enough depth to satisfy seasoned players. The game’s intuitive mechanics and clear objectives make it easy to pick up, but mastering the market and optimizing drilling operations provide a challenging and rewarding experience for those looking for more depth.

These features, combined with the game’s charming presentation and strategic gameplay, make Turmoil a compelling title for players looking for a simulation game that offers both fun and a meaningful challenge.

Similar games

For players who enjoy the unique combination of strategy, economic simulation, and historical setting found in Turmoil, there are several other games that offer similar experiences with their own distinctive twists. Here are some games that share elements with Turmoil and are worth exploring:

  1. Anno 1800: Set during the Industrial Revolution, Anno 1800 combines city-building with economic simulation and strategy. Players must manage resources, trade, and diplomacy to build their empire. The historical setting and focus on industrial expansion offer a gameplay experience akin to the economic challenges in Turmoil.
  2. Stardew Valley: While primarily a farming simulator, Stardew Valley incorporates elements of resource management and economic simulation as players restore and manage a farm. The game’s emphasis on exploration, upgrading tools and buildings, and engaging with market dynamics resonates with the strategic economic planning in Turmoil.
  3. Offworld Trading Company: This real-time strategy game focuses on economic warfare on Mars. Players must manage resources, control markets, and outmaneuver competitors in a dynamic marketplace. The game’s emphasis on economic strategy and market manipulation offers a similar appeal to the economic challenges faced in Turmoil.
  4. Railroad Tycoon Series: Focusing on the construction and management of a railroad empire, this series challenges players with economic strategy, competition, and resource management. The historical context of the railway boom and the emphasis on strategic expansion echo the thematic and gameplay elements of Turmoil.
  5. Tropico Series: In Tropico, players take on the role of a dictator of a small island nation, managing resources, infrastructure, and the economy to develop their country. The game’s blend of humor, political strategy, and economic simulation offers a unique take on managing and growing an empire, similar to the challenges in Turmoil.

Each of these games provides a unique take on elements that fans of Turmoil might enjoy, from strategic economic management and historical settings to the challenges of building and expanding an empire.

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Dive into the captivating world of Turmoil, a game that stands out as a gem among simulation games, offering players an unparalleled experience of strategy and management in the thrilling era of oil drilling. This game invites you to embark on an adventure through the oil rush of the 19th century, where strategy, planning, and a keen eye for opportunity are your keys to success. Turmoil’s engaging gameplay and meticulously designed mechanics provide a perfect blend of challenge and fun, making it a must-download for enthusiasts of simulation games. As you navigate through the layers of managing drilling operations, selling your oil at the right time, and outsmarting competitors, Turmoil offers a rich and immersive experience that simulates the exhilarating ups and downs of the oil industry.


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