War and Order

War and Order is an exciting mobile game that you don’t want to miss! With its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

In War and Order, you get to build and manage your own kingdom, recruit powerful heroes, and lead your army to victory against other players from around the world.


The game offers a wide range of features, including alliances, magic spells, and epic battles. Whether you are a fan of strategy games or simply looking for a fun and challenging pastime, War and Order has something for everyone.

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In War and Order, players take on the role of a ruler of a fantasy kingdom and are tasked with building their empire, recruiting heroes, training troops, and defending their territory from enemy attacks.

To do this, players need to gather resources, construct buildings, research technology, and forge alliances with other players.

Players can also participate in epic battles against other kingdoms, both in PvP (player versus player) mode and in PvE (player versus environment) mode.

By winning battles and completing quests, players can earn rewards, level up their heroes and troops, and become a more powerful ruler.

Overall, players in War and Order need to use strategy and tactics to build a strong and prosperous kingdom, while also expanding their territory and conquering their enemies.

How to play


The controls in War and Order are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for players who are new to the game.

The game is primarily played using touch controls, which means that players can tap, swipe, and drag on the screen to perform different actions.

For example, to build a structure, players need to tap on the building icon, select the type of structure they want to build, and then drag it to the desired location on the map.

Similarly, to train troops, players need to tap on the barracks icon, select the type of unit they want to train, and then tap the “train” button. Players can also tap on other icons to access different parts of the game, such as the research menu, the hero management screen, or the alliance chat.

Overall, the controls in War and Order are easy to learn and provide players with a smooth and immersive gaming experience.


For new players, War and Order offers a comprehensive tutorial that guides them through the basics of the game.

The tutorial takes players through the initial stages of building their kingdom, training troops, and completing quests.

It also covers topics such as resource management, research, and combat. The tutorial is designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing players to learn by doing rather than just reading text.

In addition to the tutorial, the game also offers a variety of other resources and tools to help new players get started, including a beginner’s guide, an FAQ section, and a helpful community of experienced players who are happy to answer questions and provide advice.

Overall, War and Order is a game that is easy to pick up but challenging to master, making it a great choice for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.


  1. Join an active alliance: Joining an alliance can provide players with a variety of benefits, such as access to resources, protection from enemies, and opportunities to participate in alliance events. To find a good alliance, look for one that is active, has a high level of participation, and shares your goals and play style.
  2. Focus on resource management: Resources are a key component of the game, and managing them effectively is crucial to building a strong kingdom. To do this, players should focus on upgrading resource buildings, gathering resources as often as possible, and using them wisely.
  3. Upgrade your heroes: Heroes are an essential part of the game, and upgrading them can provide players with significant advantages in battle. To do this, players should focus on leveling up their heroes, equipping them with the best gear, and unlocking their special abilities.
  4. Plan your attacks carefully: In War and Order, battles are won or lost based on strategy and tactics. Before attacking an enemy kingdom, players should scout the territory, plan their attack carefully, and use the right combination of troops and spells to achieve victory.
  5. Participate in events: War and Order offers a variety of events and challenges that can provide players with valuable rewards and help them advance in the game. To take full advantage of these opportunities, players should participate in as many events as possible and work to complete the challenges they offer.


War and Order is an exciting and engaging mobile game that offers players a chance to build their own fantasy kingdoms and lead their armies to victory.

With its stunning graphics, intuitive controls, and deep gameplay mechanics, War and Order provides hours of entertainment for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

The game’s tutorial, community, and variety of events and challenges make it easy for new players to get started, while its tips and tricks provide experienced players with ways to improve their skills and strategies.

Overall, War and Order is a game that is sure to captivate and thrill players of all ages and backgrounds. So why not download it today and join the battle for dominance in this epic fantasy world?

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