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Dive into the world of interior design and home renovation with Welcome to My Home, a captivating simulation game that transforms your mobile device into a canvas for creativity and style. This immersive game invites players to embark on a journey of transformation, where each room presents a new opportunity to express your unique design aesthetic. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or a budding designer, Welcome to My Home offers a richly detailed and interactive experience that combines the joys of decorating with the satisfaction of bringing your dream home to life. By downloading Welcome to My Home, you gain access to a world where every choice, from furniture selection to color schemes, contributes to creating a personalized space that reflects your style.


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Welcome to My Home offers an engaging and immersive gameplay experience that caters to fans of simulation games and interior design enthusiasts alike. At the core of the game is the opportunity to take on various home renovation projects, each presenting unique challenges and requirements.

Players are tasked with transforming spaces from drab to fab by selecting from an extensive catalog of furniture, fixtures, and decorations. The game’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures that designing is both accessible and enjoyable, allowing players to easily place items and visualize their dream spaces in real-time.

The strategic element of Welcome to My Home lies in managing resources and completing design challenges within the given budget and time constraints.

Players must make smart choices, balancing cost with aesthetic appeal to meet client expectations and earn rewards. These rewards unlock additional content and design options, providing an incentive to excel in each project and expand one’s design repertoire.

Moreover, the game introduces various themes and styles, from modern minimalist to bohemian chic, encouraging players to explore diverse design approaches and push the boundaries of their creativity.

Beyond individual projects, Welcome to My Home fosters a sense of community through features that allow players to share their designs and gather inspiration from others. The game’s social aspect adds depth to the gameplay, enabling players to participate in design contests, vote on their favorite spaces, and even collaborate on projects.

This blend of creative expression, strategic planning, and community interaction makes Welcome to My Home a standout simulation game that captivates players with its depth, variety, and engaging design challenges.

Why we must play this game

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Welcome to My Home captivates players with its engaging features and immersive gameplay, making it a standout title in the simulation game genre. Here are five key aspects that draw players to this captivating home design game:

  1. Creative Freedom: Players are attracted to the vast array of design choices available in Welcome to My Home, which allows for unparalleled creative freedom. From selecting wall colors to choosing furniture and decorative items, the game offers a comprehensive palette for personal expression, catering to diverse tastes and design preferences.
  2. Realistic Graphics: The game’s high-quality, realistic graphics enhance the design experience, making every project come to life on the screen. This attention to visual detail ensures that players can fully appreciate the beauty of their creations, adding to the satisfaction of completing each renovation challenge.
  3. Interactive Challenges: Welcome to My Home keeps gameplay fresh and engaging with a variety of design challenges and client projects. These scenarios require players to think strategically and creatively to meet specific style preferences and budget constraints, adding a layer of complexity and reward to the game.
  4. Progression and Rewards: The game’s progression system, where successful projects unlock new levels, design options, and rare items, motivates players to continually improve their skills. This sense of achievement and the anticipation of new content keep players engaged and eager to take on the next design challenge.
  5. Community and Social Interaction: Welcome to My Home fosters a vibrant community of design enthusiasts, offering features that enable players to share their projects, participate in contests, and draw inspiration from others. This social aspect enriches the gameplay experience, providing opportunities for collaboration, competition, and feedback.

These compelling features combine to make Welcome to My Home an irresistible game for anyone interested in interior design, simulation games, or creative expression. The game not only offers a platform for personal creativity but also a dynamic community of like-minded players, making it a rewarding and engaging experience for all.

Similar games

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For fans of Welcome to My Home who enjoy diving into the world of interior design and home renovation through simulation games, there are several other titles that offer similar experiences. These games combine creative freedom with strategic gameplay, allowing players to express their design sensibilities while facing various challenges:

  1. Design Home: This game invites players to participate in daily design challenges, where they decorate spaces using real-life furniture and decor brands. It’s a platform for aspiring designers to showcase their creativity, vote on the best designs, and discover the latest interior design trends.
  2. Home Design Makeover: A combination of match-3 puzzles and home decorating simulation, this game challenges players to renovate and style homes to meet client needs. The gameplay includes a variety of design projects, from small rooms to entire houses, providing a comprehensive decorating experience.
  3. The Sims Mobile: While not exclusively focused on interior design, The Sims Mobile offers extensive home customization options as part of its life simulation gameplay. Players can build and furnish their Sims’ homes, experimenting with different architectural styles and decor to reflect their personal taste.
  4. My Home – Design Dreams: This game blends puzzle-solving with home decoration, allowing players to unlock furniture and decor by completing match-3 levels. Players can decorate various rooms and homes, bringing their interior design ideas to life while progressing through engaging storylines.
  5. House Flipper: Available on PC and consoles, House Flipper offers a more in-depth renovation experience, where players buy, repair, and remodel dilapidated houses to sell for profit. The game provides a realistic take on home improvement, including tasks like painting, installing appliances, and managing budgets.

Each of these games offers a unique take on home design and renovation, providing players with a platform to unleash their creativity, solve puzzles, and engage in immersive storytelling. Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of transforming spaces, the satisfaction of completing design projects, or the joy of expressing your personal style, these titles promise hours of engaging and creative gameplay for fans of Welcome to My Home and beyond.

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Welcome to My Home stands out in the simulation game genre by offering an unparalleled level of detail and customization options. Players can dive into various design challenges, experiment with different themes, and unlock exclusive items that make each project unique. The game’s intuitive interface and realistic graphics ensure that every renovation project is not only accessible but also incredibly immersive. Whether you’re overhauling a quaint cottage or giving a modern apartment a chic makeover, Welcome to My Home provides the tools and inspiration needed to unleash your creativity. This simulation game is more than just a pastime; it’s an outlet for expression and a platform for aspiring designers to hone their skills.


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