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Brave Order: Battle for Glory: Immerse yourself in a captivating world of epic battles and strategic warfare with Brave Order. Download the game now and embark on a thrilling adventure where you must assemble a formidable army, lead them to victory, and become the ultimate commander. Are you ready to forge your destiny and claim glory?

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Brave Order is a captivating mobile strategy game that immerses you in a world of epic battles, intricate alliances, and strategic warfare. Set in a fantasy realm, the game offers a rich and immersive experience where you must assemble a powerful army, lead them to victory, and carve your path to glory.

Tactical Battles

Engage in tactical battles where your decisions and strategies determine the outcome. Command a diverse range of units, each with their own strengths and abilities, and deploy them strategically on the battlefield. Take advantage of terrain, exploit enemy weaknesses, and execute well-coordinated maneuvers to outwit your opponents.

Hero System

Recruit legendary heroes with unique abilities and skills to bolster your forces. Each hero brings their own tactical advantages and can turn the tide of battle with their powerful special abilities. Upgrade and customize your heroes to unlock their full potential and unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

Alliances and Cooperative Gameplay

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Forge alliances with players from around the world and form a united front against powerful enemies. Collaborate with your alliance members, share resources, and coordinate strategies to conquer challenging PvE dungeons and engage in large-scale PvP battles. Together, you can achieve greatness and dominate the realms of Brave Order.

Resource Management and Base Building

Manage your resources wisely to construct and upgrade buildings in your base. Develop your infrastructure to unlock new units, research technologies, and strengthen your army. Expand your territory, establish trade routes, and amass wealth to fuel your war machine.

Immersive Storyline

Immerse yourself in an engaging storyline that unfolds as you progress through the game. Uncover the secrets of the realm, encounter memorable characters, and make impactful choices that shape the course of the narrative.

Global Competitions and Leaderboards

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Test your skills against players from around the world in competitive events and climb the global leaderboards. Participate in intense PvP battles, compete for valuable rewards, and prove your worth as the ultimate commander.

Brave Order offers a captivating blend of immersive gameplay, strategic depth, and engaging storytelling. Download the game now and prepare for an epic journey filled with tactical battles, alliance building, and the pursuit of glory. Will you rise to become the most formidable commander in the realm of Brave Order? The fate of the land awaits your command!

Beginner guide

  1. Understand Unit Roles

Familiarize yourself with the different unit types, such as infantry, cavalry, and ranged units. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Deploy a balanced mix of unit types to form a well-rounded army. Infantry units can hold the front line, while ranged units provide support from a distance. Cavalry units excel at flanking and charging into enemy lines.

  1. Develop a Solid Strategy

Take the time to plan your moves before engaging in battles. Analyze the terrain, enemy positions, and unit compositions to determine the best approach.

Utilize formations and positioning to your advantage. Create defensive lines, protect vulnerable units, and exploit gaps in the enemy formation.

  1. Upgrade Your Heroes

Invest in upgrading your heroes to unlock powerful abilities and enhance their stats. Focus on heroes that complement your playstyle and strategy.

Experiment with different hero combinations to discover synergies and create devastating combinations of abilities.

  1. Coordinate with Your Alliance

Forge strong alliances and communicate effectively with your alliance members. Coordinate attacks, share resources, and support each other in battles.

Participate in alliance events and activities to earn additional rewards and strengthen your alliance’s standing.

  1. Resource Management

Manage your resources wisely to ensure a steady supply for building upgrades, research, and unit recruitment.

Prioritize resource-generating buildings and upgrade them to increase your income. Allocate resources efficiently to maximize your growth.

  1. Complete Quests and Achievements

Pay attention to quests and achievements as they provide valuable rewards and help you progress faster.

Focus on completing daily and weekly quests to earn extra resources, hero shards, and other valuable items.

  1. Learn from Battle Replays

Review battle replays to analyze your performance and identify areas for improvement. Observe the strategies and tactics used by successful players and adapt them to your own gameplay.


In summary, Brave Order is a captivating mobile strategy game where you command armies, forge alliances, and engage in epic battles. With tactical gameplay, hero upgrades, and cooperative elements, the game offers an immersive and strategic experience. Join the realms of Brave Order today, unleash your strategic skills, and conquer your enemies. Download the game now and become a legendary commander!

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